Every person in this world is born with a unique identity and features. Other than physical features and personality, everyone has a different perspective and way of thinking. This is exactly what makes people unique - their individuality!

Individuality is the quality of a person that distinguishes them from others, especially when strongly marked or compared. It is the state of being an individual; but how we notice someone’s individuality is by seeing how they possess their own needs or goals, rights and responsibilities.

Let's talk about the individuality of students. We have people who can hear or read things once and remember them perfectly, making them a good listener or reader. They are self-aware and can articulate learning challenges and successes, when put into perspective this may not be the case with every other student, hence we need to understand what makes every student unique in order to devise teaching that best suits them. Someone’s fast or slow learning techniques don't make them competent or not, it’s important to see if they have a way in which they can learn and be retentive in the long run. For some like we discussed, it could be a one-time thing, but for others repetitive learning might help.

Many people are unable to realize their true potential because they never learned how to harness or identify it. But every person's potential varies in scale and type, so how can we have a generic way to measure it? How can there be only a handful of ways to recognize it? How and why should we limit their potential to be chosen only among those that we have discovered so far? And above all what is the role of the education industry to help encourage a student with their potential, and their challenges, a place where they spend nearly 20 to 25 years of their life? Every one has their own niche, identifying that and helping them reach their true potential should be our priority.

Freedom to think

For so many years, it was rare for a person’s curiosity and will to find out new things to be encouraged by those around them. It was out of a fear of failure and lack of vision; having studied history today, we know only the people who believed in themselves and dared to step out of the orthodox shoes, were able to truly harness their potential. Some even believe that more lies ahead for people like them. Having witnessed such great people, we should learn to give our students the freedom to think and believe that they are unique, because unless we endorse the fact that they can, they might never think of themselves as capable enough to see new ventures, let alone develop themselves and build upon their uniqueness.

Believing them

Once you see potential in people, who don't quite know how to use it, believe in them and tell them it’s possible. That they can dream and achieve it given they put in the time and effort, and of course resources that they need to acquire. Showing someone that you have confidence in them even when they don’t is the first step to tackle inhibitions. We all know that the first step to achieving something is believing that you can, so why not spread belief than just empty knowledge.

Guidance is the key, not just educating them

Guidance is more than just telling someone what is right and wrong. It is more about directing the person to build his own principles and develop their own moral compass. A lot of people think that guidance is something passed down by people who have all the knowledge but it is also about learning and developing as we guide. Nobody has ever learnt everything and the wise always learn from everything.

Coming to the youth and guiding them, it is extremely important for us to realize that interpersonal skills are just as important as everything else we learn. Interpersonal problem solving has a lot to offer to us in the long run. The post that a lot of people aspire to be in life is manager and managing director. The key skill that helps in the growth is managing. How well we manage is just as important as the knowledge we have. If we have the knowledge but do not know how to manage we will be left in a position that has to be managed. Guiding students towards self awareness and solving interpersonal conflict is just as necessary.  

Guiding is also the process of learning, this makes it an ego free action where one should not be influenced by any external factor that deviates them from a neutral state of being. When guidance is passed down ego free more people are willing to learn and apply. When there is ego free teaching there will be ego free learning. Being ego free and not giving into our emotions leads to a healthier headspace that only reflects growth.

Not just do the students need guidance, everyone need and seek guidance, even the ones guiding. It is important that the 20 year journey of students helps them understand themselves better and further more find their niche. The personalities that people develop have a lot to do with the guidance system and it is extremely important to understand that nobody takes our words for face value and the people that we are around influence the way we behave. Every single experience alters the course of our lives, this is what makes guidance so important and this is why we need to guide the right way. The right guidance can help us to tap into the true potential of our kind.

All in all the right guidance can impact not just one person but people and people shape the future. Getting across the right way is absolutely important.  

We at Edvora believe in you

And want to be the force that drives you to succeed.

“Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” — Margaret Mead

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