Personal connections are gradually established between people by communication, emotional bonds, and affluent interactions. They grow and are strengthened by mutual experiences, as relationships of all kinds depend on how two or more people are at ease with one another regarding their thoughts and actions. Communication is not just by words and voice but can be seen and felt via body language and mannerisms.

Great connections and relations build autonomy

The ever-growing innovations in technology have changed the traditional ways of many of our lifestyle routines. Education constantly evolves with the new developments in the digital world. While there is a debate about the underlying effects of technology, sections of society are also trying to find feasible solutions to its excessive use. Be it because of the new challenges we are exposed to, like the pandemic, busy lives, and striving to maintain a work-life balance, it is quite a task to adjust to the novel expansions yet find the right stability. These circumstances have led to a certain sense of loss of personal connection amongst the community resulting in various adverse effects.

As we discuss the many inadequacies of doing interaction in this manner, we often forget that the ease with which we can see another person up close despite the miles spanning in between is quite a marvel in itself. Self-learning through internet-based resources has become the new-age mantra for many students, but there is no perfect replacement for the conventional method of student and teacher interactions. So what makes the forming of such connections a cakewalk; effective communication!

Effective communication is the key to build successful connections and relationships. Teachers, parents, and students need to trust each other and simultaneously work on achieving goals. It creates a communication gap if students are hesitant to open up which leads to misunderstandings and inefficient outputs on both ends.

The basic factors of establishing strong bonds include empathy and knowledge to understand, put forth and grasp fruitful thoughts. Teachers need to connect one on one with each of their pupils to make learning topics more understandable and relatable. It would also make it faster for them to identify the core of any problem at hand. The presence of such connections in a learning environment would proportionally improve their efficiency and learning enthusiasm as they try to cope with confusing aspects of their studies. The aim of learning might become monotonous without any other perspectives of observation. Therefore, it is imperative to strengthen these connections to enjoy the process of learning.

Easy communication plays a vital role in building personal connections

To begin with, let us study the repercussions when personal connections are affected

  • Difficulty in understanding body language and emotions
  • Difficulty in holding attention for long periods
  • Students getting left behind
  • Trouble forming the connection with like-minded people
  • Trust between a teacher and student

Lack of emotional association and difficulty in understanding body language

As they say, there is no stronger bond than being emotionally connected, we need that affectionate assistance in every aspect of our lives. With the advent of digital mediums, we have failed to connect emotionally with people resulting in a certain sense of loss. It’s harder to give one on one attention in a virtual room full of people, gauge the tone of voice, read expressions and body language through just a screen.

In real-time classes with regular interactions, students often understand what a teacher is saying even with minimal words and gestures. At Edvora, we aim to build this connection by providing a platform where interaction is smooth, helping them grow mutually.

Difficulty in holding attention for long periods

Younger kids are usually hyperactive, have short-lived attention spans making it difficult to keep them immersed for a prolonged period. In the traditional method of teaching, a teacher has better control over students' attention. With virtual learning systems, there arises difficulty in bearing a student’s attention for a long period because of several reasons; it may be because of the technical issues, attention dividers such as television, gaming tools, etc. But you see stressed-out teachers and parents trying to make the students sit through at least a few hours of class. It results in a ton of energy and time lost in a futile activity.

Edvora helps in this area by providing interactive screens and game-based learning techniques. There is a provision to indulge in team activities that help students interact effectively and collaborate in learning.‌

Students getting left behind

In digital mediums, the scope of learning is feasible with easy access, availability of study materials just a tap away, and flexibility without time constraints. But all the students are not equally interactive and intellectual in this media. Hence, students who require more time and attention to learn things might feel outcast and try to slip away with the classes as much as they can and fear not being considered.

With Edvora, every student can have undivided attention from teachers as the number of students is limited for a particular teacher for personal attention and assistance. It aims to build a formal structure that brings discipline and motivation in students to study adequately.‌

Trouble forming the connection with like-minded people

In traditional classes, students mingle with others sharing similar interests. But with the virtual medium, it might be difficult to find students who are alike as there is a lesser scope of sharing or communicating with ease. Activities that cannot be replicated virtually get in the way. Edvora will put such worries at bay. We improvise on interaction techniques to build engaging sessions.‌‌

Trust between a teacher and student

As cliché as it sounds, with a bodily presence a trust develops between a student and teacher. This trust helps them interact viably, understanding mutual drawbacks and also overcoming them. Connecting personally to humans and academic lessons will increase comprehension and retentivity of matters. With many digital mediums, this might still be a hindrance. Making this a habit from a young age will help them take advice and support.

What will Edvora do for you?

We understand your need of the hour and strive to make such communication easy by bringing readily accessible interaction tools that are no less than an experience in real-time.‌ Normalizing communication with teachers regardless of how the doubts are is crucial. It is a gradual process to overcome academic barriers, by irking students' curiosity towards discoveries and inventions. The profound tutelage of experienced minds on young yearning minds is of colossal value when in close harmony. And finding the right people opens doors to opportunities and new potential connections. It will also help with skills for networking in the long run.

Nothing must stop you from finding the right people to connect with. So, reach out to us at and tell us about your experiences!