Teachers are the cornerstones of the education system and are extremely essential to institutions. The reason being - they shape the future generations based on their skill of imparting knowledge. They have a lot of responsibility riding on their shoulders and are always expected to be at their hundred percent. Unfortunately, our teachers are unable to function at a hundred percent due to additional responsibilities.

A teacher's time is enormously valuable, and as the times are changing fast teachers are working their hardest to find the most effective ways to impart knowledge. The extra responsibilities that are on their shoulders are something that can be taken care of by automation or other professionals. When their time gets distributed into the extra responsibilities they technically do not do what they love and end up saturating themselves. Leading to a overall low productivity, making them feel like they are being overworked;

"Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." - Henry Brooks Adams

One must understand a teacher is a package and they come with a variety of skills. It is important these days for them to update their teaching skills to educate their valued students. A rapidly changing world needs a constantly upgrading teacher! Nobody ever quits learning; not even an educator. On closer extrospection we realize that the learning and growing takes time and the additional responsibilities lead to the stagnation of a teacher’s growth. It makes us wonder why teachers are being burdened with tasks that can be automated or completed using the right resources.


It’s essential as teachers to unravel and repackage their knowledge, skills, pedagogies and learning outcomes, to stay relevant, connected to and most importantly efficiently help the future generations. Whilst everything else is getting updated, it’s important as teachers to get updated with their demographic, new skills, and techniques, including the whole class, structured group, differentiation, and new assessments. Teachers are constantly working on upgrading themselves and are even more focused on the healthy and constructive growth of the future generations to a point where they sacrifice sleep and meals to fulfill their duties. They are the the only people apart from family who will go the lengths to help you irrespective of how they are treated or what they are going through.

"I'm still learning" - Michelangelo at age 87

As discussed above, the world is moving, making it important to be a reflective teacher with each passing moment. To provide the best teaching the teacher must know the best, making it mandatory to upgrade oneself to new skills. The value of a teacher goes way beyond a 30 min to 1 hour session. These sessions along with the teachers time and effort last a lifetime even after one is out of the education system. An inspirational teacher can change the course of many many lives and each of those lives will inspire many more.


Teachers are those empathic beings that always smile and educate no matter what. No dedicated teacher ever says no when a student calls for help no matter what the reason. They have always aided us and kept us as priority above all. We are what we are today because of our teachers and the guidance we have perceived from them. This is the true value of teachers and we should not be the reason for holding them back. Let’s grow together and build a constructive resource for the smooth sailing and advanced future of the current generation.

All in all there is one concern, our instruction framework is advancing step by step. From the Gurukul arrangement of training to the web and flip classes, the training framework is rarely stable. Globalization has likewise influenced the education framework, the strategies, and pedagogical skills, which have been seen to witness a rapid change. When teaching can help in changing lives, educators additionally should stay aware of the progressions and transformations. How will teachers deal with these transformations? Have they been provided with the right ammunition to grow and help grow?


Edvora believes in the future of teachers and the value that they add to every single student's life. Teachers and the education system have infinite potential. We need to take steps that are essential to the education system’s growth and future generations. Whenever you write to us at community@edvora.com on how we can work together to help them, we at Edvora work towards eradicating the problems that hold teachers back and make sure they have enough time to reflect and upskill. It is not too late to upgrade our education but we have to act now before it is!