Over the years, we humans have grown and urbanised in ways beyond our imagination. Civilisation as a whole has evolved through centuries of revolution. Every time humans have faced a problem, they come up with innovative ideas to solve them. When we look back into the history of movements that brought about a change, and retrospect, we realise that every movement or change or revolution has been the outcome of people unifying and working towards a cause.

Education is a divine art that has prevailed from even before the evolution of mankind, but it hasn't evolved like everything else. Education today has not been able to tap into its true potential. Given the era we are living in, the resources and technology at our disposal aren't used to their fullest in achieving a greater system of education with all of the pros and little-to-no cons.

An educational revolution and why it is important

Education has always been about the transfer of knowledge and skills deemed necessary in their society. It should aim to be an immersive and fun experience for students and teachers alike. The benefits that education brings to us is immense and plays a major role in deciding the course of mankind. With easily available resources and frequent networking opportunities, students deserve to have more constructive learning experiences and teachers more productive teaching experiences. Efficient and fruitful educational experiences will change the way people perceive the system and open their minds to a brighter future.

How to bring about constructive change?

As easy as it sounds, bringing about change in any system requires more than just a thought. It requires a call for action. We know that many people have started to give up on the education system and are only sticking by it for the certification or degree. There are people achieving great milestones without formal education which goes to show the value of practical knowledge over theoretical certification.

The journey of education should be more important than the destination

As students, we have seen the education system giving its best and trying to help us grow in many aspects of our life. Multiple initiatives to make learning practical have been implemented but the difference they have made is of less significance.

Although the education system is doing its absolute best to offer a great learning experience, they lack the resources to help them run efficiently and provide students with an optimum learning experience. Students should feel the love and passion for what they are learning. Education is not just attending classes for the sake of it. Education is the process of embedding the seed of curiosity and showering it with knowledge. This poses a very real question – what if students could network and find inspiring people that can help light the spark for learning?

Our vision for what education should be like

We at Edvora bring to you the future of education where students and institutions benefit like never before. We focus on building the platform for effective education so that students and teachers can focus on what they do best. We envision a system where bullying is nonexistent. A system that can match the curiosity of today and bring back the beautiful colours the education system has been losing out on. A platform for students to be free and open about their thoughts and innovative ideas.

This blog is our journey of why we want to bring about a change in the education system. Edvora believes in the brighter future of education. Do you?